Working through medical or law school is a transition period in your life. And it helps to find a partner who values education as much as you and wants to ensure a stable future for your relationship.

However, as student couples think about their futures, they also have to consider the few assets and loans they own. Between college loans and a high divorce rate, should they protect their assets before they commit to their significant other?

Draft a prenup before planning the wedding

Many students embrace the idea of preparing for the future. For many couples, it includes preparing for the worst-case scenario, divorce. For preparation, most partners draft a prenuptial agreement – a legal contract that establishes how property is divided in case of a divorce.

Couples work together on the prenup and decide how their student debt, current assets and future property plays out in a possible separation. It may account for various situations, such as a change in studies, seeking a doctorate or passing the bar.

Whatever the prenup includes, it starts a critical conversation between partners about sharing finances and what marriage will look like as a student and as a working professional. You should also discuss your career path and your spouse’s goals, so you have realistic expectations of where your education will lead. It will also give you a better understanding of your assets, especially if you have property with your parents.

Students may see a prenup as an invaluable tool for their career, relationship and future.