When Your Circumstances Change, A Family Law Modification May Be Necessary

Finding a resolution to a divorce or other family law matter once is difficult enough. When you need to modify your existing court order, whether it’s for child custody, child support or spousal support, the process you face can seem daunting.

At The Law Office of Cicily Simms, our attorneys understand that both people and circumstances change. We offer skilled assistance to those needing to modify a family law court order, effectively demonstrating the changes that have occurred and why a modification is necessary.

Modifying A Court Order In Texas

Courts are typically reluctant to grant a family law modification, especially when children are involved. However, children’s needs change. If the custody or support orders were established when the children were young, the court orders may need to be modified to accommodate their current needs.

A modification may be necessary for several other reasons, including:

  • Modifying a child custody order due to a job relocation out of state
  • Modifying a spousal support order due to loss of income from a business
  • Modifying a child support order due to a change in income

The Benefits Of Working With A Lawyer

Whatever the reason may be, you and the other party may come to an informal agreement on your own. While this may seem like a practical solution, should your relationship with the other party deteriorate and the terms of your modification were not court-approved, the consequences could be severe. When it comes to modifying agreements, working through a lawyer and the rules of the court is almost always in your best interests.

In requesting a change, it must be proven that a material and substantial change has occurred since the original court order was issued, affecting the circumstances of you, the other parent or the child. We understand how to present both the evidence and testimony to demonstrate these changes since the last court order. Our knowledge allows us to present new workable plans to modify child custody, possession periods, spousal support, visitation and child support orders.

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