Competent, Experienced Counsel To Create A Solid Marital Agreement For You

Pre- and Postmarital agreements are increasingly being used by couples to provide security for whatever the future may hold.

At The Law Office of Cicily Simms, we understand the importance of having a fair agreement that accounts for your best interests. Whether you are newly engaged and interested in a prenup or have been married for years and are considering a postmarital agreement, our office has the experience to help you.

When Is A Pre- Or Postmarital Agreement Beneficial?

A pre- or postmarital agreement may be favorable for several reasons:

  • To protect the business ventures, debt and assets of one or both parties
  • To address how assets and property will be divided in a divorce or distributed upon death
  • To determine each party’s financial rights and responsibilities throughout the marriage and in the event of divorce
  • To protect the rights and interests of children from a previous relationship
  • To identify and protect property owned by one party as separate property

Having such an agreement in place may not make a potential future divorce process easy; however, it can make it much more simplified.

How A Lawyer Provides Value

Each party is required to have separate representation when marital agreements are executed for the agreement to have maximum enforceability. As marital agreements can have issues with enforceability, we can accurately inform you about the process and offer advice on how to protect your interests.

A comprehensive agreement should take into consideration all property and assets owned by both parties, including those currently possessed and those expected to be acquired in the future, including retirement plans or stock options. We can provide the guidance you need to ensure the terms of your agreement are clear, reasonable and justifiable.

For prenuptial agreements, it’s crucial to start the process well in advance. As the wedding approaches, it can become more difficult to draft and structure a sound agreement that fits the needs of both parties.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney

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