When a Texas marriage comes to its end the parties to the proceedings may do whatever they can to make their transitions into single life as smoothly as possible. Divorcing parents have extra considerations to manage as they work to provide their children with stability and calm as their marriages end. Those considerations may include the establishment of child support and custody plans that will foster their children’s unique needs.

Over time, however, parents may find that the child custody, visitation, and support plans that they made do not provide their children with the best possible care. A parent may discover that they cannot have custody of their kids due to their work schedule and a change to their child custody order may be necessary. Additionally, a parent may lose their job and may become unable to pay child support for the benefit of their kids.

Family law modifications are changes that are made to family law agreements and orders after they are executed. They create new sets of expectations and requirements on the parties that are bound to their modified terms. Often individuals must go to court to have their orders and agreements modified and this process gives judicial recognition to the changes the families needed to continue to function.

When it becomes apparent that a modification is needed to a family law order or agreement, a Texas resident may wish to discuss their proposed changes with their trusted attorney. A lawyer who understands the complex issues that come into play when families are affected by divorce can advise their client of how best to approach the modification process.