At our first meeting, Cicily helped me get clear on what I wanted, what was best for my family, and what was possible. The legal process can seem interminable, but no matter what the opposing counsel threw at or withheld from us, Cicily calmly and coolly moved the ball forward until we crossed the finish. Cicily is the kind of champion that everyone needs and wants in their corner.


Cicily represented me during my divorce in 2004 as well as through parenting issues that came up in the many years that followed. She and her team were consistently supportive and fair, and always provided sound judgment. When dealing with a difficult family law situation it is important to have strong advocacy as well as good guidance, and Cicily provided the counsel that I frequently needed. Thanks for all your help!


Cicily Simms is an amazing attorney. She is very thorough and took the time to make sure I knew what all my options were in order to protect me and my children. Her paralegal, Carson Arkinson is equally amazing, and walked me through the process of gathering all the documents needed. They were both available anytime I had questions. The divorce process is difficult, but with the help from Cicily and Carson I felt I was in very good hands and it made the process a bit less painful. I have since my divorce referred several friends to Cicily and will continue to do so!


Going through a divorce after 28 years of marriage is difficult on many levels. Cicily Simms represented me with an extremely high level of integrity and professionalism.


Cicily and Carson helped me to navigate the most arduous experience of my adult life. They leveraged their collective experience and expertise to confidently and credibly represent me and advocate for my rights and interests as a father, and always offered up sound and reasonable advice.


Navigating through a child custody dispute as a single father and trying to maintain a positive relationship with the other party for our son, I felt incredibly lost, overwhelmed, and sometimes defeated. Cicily provided candid, holistic advice with such a level of care, finesse, and patience that she readily placed my fears aside, my mind at ease, gave me confidence in my decisions, and the grit to forge ahead. She translates her vast legal expertise and knowledge in simple, layman terms and provides an honest, upfront assessment of the facts and the best course of action. She is dogged in her pursuit of what is in your best interests and is a highly effective communicator with all parties involved in these disputes. I unequivocally recommend Cicily as your legal counsel for all of your family law needs.